Telephone Number could Kill People

It was the first day of a house helper to work. She was washing the dishes when the telephone rang...

"Hello", the house helper answered the phone.
"Hello, who is it?". It was a man's voice.
"I am a new house helper in this family"

"Hmmm... My wife never told me she was going to hire a house helper... so anyway, can I talk to my wife?"

"Well, she is in the room with a man. I thought he is her husband!"
"WHAT??! So my wife is cheating on me???!". The man got angry, "If you want to work in my house you have to do what I say..."
"What is it sir?"
"Take the gun from the cabinet and shoot both of them!"
"Okay sir"


"I did what you told me to do, sir, what now?"
"Put them both into the swimming pool!!!"

"... Swimming pool??? There is no swimming pool in this house"
"huh? is it 025416XXXXX ???"
"no, it is 025423XXXXX"

"oh, sorry, wrong phone number..."


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