I couldn't do It...

An old man aged 85 years old went to a doctor to check his sperm quality.

The doctor gave the old man a small jar and said, "Bring this jar home and go back here tomorrow with your sperm sample inside".

The next day the old man returned to the clinic and gave the jar back to the doctor.

The doctor was confused to see the jar was still empty. He asked, "Why there is nothing inside the jar?"

The old man explained, "I tried with my right hand, but I coldnn't. I tried with my left hand, I still couldn't."
Then I asked my wife to help me. She used her right hand, it didn't work. She used her left hand, it still didn't work. She used her mouth but it still didn't work"

"Finally we called our neighbor, Charlene. She tried with her right hand, it didn't work. She tried with both her hands, she still couldn't. She even flank it between her thighs, it was still failed".

"You even called your neighbor????", the doctor asked him curiously.

"Yes, and until now me, my wife, and Charlene still can't open this jar's lid".

My Comment :

What did you expect? lol.

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